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Founded in 1854, Baglietto has been at the forefront of yachting innovation for many years. Their expertise is building superyachts in the 40 to 50 meter range and they excel at what they do.

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La Spezia, Italy

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About Baglietto Yachts

Since its humble beginnings in 1854, Baglietto has transformed from making fishing boats to one of the most sought after superyacht shipyards in the world. In 1854, Pietro Baglietto founded what would become one of Italy’s most historic and respected shipyards. At first, Baglietto built small fishing boats. Eventually, his shipyard would begin building and designing yachts.

In 1888, the Baglietto shipyard was commissioned by a group of Genoese nobles to build La Barchetta, a transport boat for Pope Leo XIII. By the early 1900s the shipyard was building motor boats used for racing and accomplished the task of building the largest combustion-engine cruising yacht at the time, the Giuseppina, which launched in 1906. Around that same time they prototyped the first hydrofoil craft.

The company continued to innovate and improve its operations throughout the 20th century, earning a reputation for building quality boats. After WWII, the company focused on building yachts, which they tackled with the same devotion to innovation as they had in their pre-WWII operations.

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