Catamarans for Sale

Catamarans are differentiated from traditional yachts by their two hulls. A level platform connects the two hulls, creating abundant space aboard a catamaran compared to a monohull yacht with a similar length.

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About Catamarans

Due to their multihull design and width catamarans offer increased stability compared to other types of yachts. This can be great for families looking to take their yacht on short trips or those with younger children. The extra width of a catamaran means you will have room for more amenities aboard your yacht including dishwashers, full-size refrigerators and freezers. Cabins also tend to be more spacious on catamarans, which can be nice when inviting other families aboard your yacht.

Catamarans require two engines to propel the two hull design. As such, engine maintenance and fuel costs will be higher. While engine expenses can be more costly, the multihull design allows for more maneuverability while at the marina.

Marina fees can also be higher depending on the size of your catamaran. Catamarans have their advantages and disadvantages. A yacht broker can help you weigh the pros and cons or catamaran ownership. Chartering a catamaran can be a good place to start when deciding if a catamaran is right for you.

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