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Since the 1800s Cheoy Lee has been an innovative shipyard, pioneering new yacht building techniques. The company makes luxury yachts and is based in China with offices in Hong Kong.

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About Cheoy Lee Yachts

Cheoy Lee Shipyard dates back to 1870, when it opened to service and build steam-engine ships. Since that time, the shipyard has launched over 5000 ships. In 1936, the company moved operations to Hong Kong, building cargo ships designed to outrun the Japanese blockade of Hong Kong, which was at the time a British colony.

In the 1950s the shipyard started producing both sailing and motor yachts made of teak. During this period, the Cheoy Lee shipyard worked with numerous well-respected naval architects. 1990 marked the end of sailing yacht manufacturing and the shipyard focused on building motor yachts, passenger ferries, and large commercial ships.

During the 1960s and 1970s Cheoy Lee began using fiberglass in their shipbuilding, becoming a pioneer in the field. The company moved operations from Hong Kong to China in 1999, selling its shipyard to the Hong Kong government to make space for Disneyland Hong Kong. The company’s new shipyard gives it the ability to manufacture yachts up to 60 meters long.

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