Classic Yachts for Sale

Classic yachts exude character and class. Classic yacht owners appreciate the history of yachting and want their yacht to display their admiration for the classics. Typically built between the 1920s and 1970s, classic yachts have a timeless look and appeal.

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About Classic Yachts

Classic yachts are generally described as yachts built between the 1920s and the mid 1970s. These classic yachts are most often built from either wood or steel. Many yachting enthusiasts are of the opinion that for a yacht to be considered classic it must not have been made using modern materials.

A classic yacht has beautiful, timeless lines and is built with fine craftsmanship. Classic yachts often draw inspiration from classic military and industrial ships. They have the aura of a bygone era, eliciting strong feelings of nostalgia and days past.

Racing classic yachts is an enjoyable pastime for classic yacht owners. There are many classic yacht regattas held around the world. Whether you’re racing your classic yacht or taking your friends, family, and business partners on trips, a classic yacht is perfect for discerning gentlemen and ladies. Chartering different types and styles of classic yachts can be a good place to start when looking at classic yachts for sale.

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