Explorer and Expedition Yachts for Sale

Explorer yachts, also known as expedition yachts, are specifically designed for long-distance cruising to exotic, remote locals across the globe. Large, and able to carry a significant amount of fuel, water, and supplies, explorer yachts are a favorite among the most adventurous yacht owners.

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About Explorer and Expedition Yachts

Explorer yachts are built to withstand harsh conditions and voyages to places unreachable by traditional yachts. Built with all the luxuries yacht owners are accustomed to and capable of carrying large amounts of fuel and fresh water, expedition yachts live up to their name. Cold and dry storage are plentiful, enabling long-range cruising.

Ice class explorer yachts are built to withstand ice, making travel to the poles a reality. With an explorer yacht, you can forget the crowded, popular yachting destinations and travel to more remote and exotic locations.

Expedition yachts contain room for all of the water toys you’ll need to explore the world in style. Some are even equipped with subs for exploring underwater. If your goal of yacht ownership is to truly explore the globe in style and comfort, an expedition yacht will suit your needs. Chartering different types and styles of expedition yachts can be a good place to start when looking at explorer yachts for sale.

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