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What started out as an association of Dutch yacht builders has transformed into one of the most important superyacht manufacturers of our time. Feadship Yachts are known for their quality and sought after by yacht owners.

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Haarlem, Netherlands

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Luxury Yachts, Superyachts, Mega Yachts

About Feadship Yachts

The name Feadship is a shortened name for First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders. The company began as a partnership between six Dutch shipyards and De Voogt Naval Architects banded together to bring their product to the American market. The Feadship brand was formed in 1949. Of the original six shipyards involved in the venture, two remain Royal Van Lent Shipyard (1849) and Koninklijke De Vries Scheepsbouw (1906) and they are still partnered with De Voogt Naval Architects (1913). 

With the economic downturn in Europe following WWII, the group was formed to take advantage of the American market, which had been shielded from the destruction that Europe had seen during the war. Feadship was introduced at the New York Boat Show in 1951. By the mid-1950s Feadship was already building a reputation for their steel and aluminum motor yachts. At the time most American shipyards were still building with wood.

During the 1960s and 1970s Feadship continued to increase its reputation through its innovation and commitment to quality. The brand rose in status through owner satisfaction, seeing many repeat customers. By the 2000s, superyachts were gaining in popularity as technology was advancing to allow larger and larger yachts to be manufactured. Feadship yachts are well-respected and have a reputation for maintaining their value.

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