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The Ingenious Design Decisions Behind Heesen’s Project Grace

Elegance, nature, simplicity and confidence – these were just a few of the guiding principles that Heesen Yachts handed to British design studio Harrison Eidsgaard when tasked with the creation of 50-metre Project Grace. The first of Heesen’s brand-new steel fast displacement hull series, Project Grace is a sub-500GT marvel that has been meticulously designed to stand the test of time….. Read More

Aesthetics And Efficiency

Heesen continually pushes the boundaries of yacht design, with each new model presenting opportunities for groundbreaking innovations. These advancements not only enhance the latest yachts but also enrich the entire Heesen fleet. The shipyard’s diverse range of hull types and technological marvels offers clients the freedom to tailor their perfect yacht. Key innovations include the Fast Displacement Hull Form (FDHF), the Eco-friendly Hybrid Solution, and the cutting-edge Hull Vane technology by Van Oossanen, each contributing to Heesen’s legacy of excellence in yacht design.

Unrivalled Cruising Comfort

To ensure unparalleled comfort during cruising, Heesen meticulously matches each yacht’s hull form with a rudder and propeller design optimized for hydrodynamic efficiency. For the ambitious 80m Project Cosmos, capable of nearly 30 knots, Heesen collaborated with Kongsberg Maritime to innovate the groundbreaking Promas design. This advanced rudder-propeller integration effectively eliminates cavitation, significantly reducing noise and vibration. The effectiveness of this design was confirmed through extensive tank testing of a 1:11 scale model, yielding flawless results.

Hybrid Solutions

Heesen’s commitment to innovation and reducing its environmental impact has paved the way for its contemporary hybrid solutions. By integrating diesel and electrical propulsion, these solutions offer more versatile power management, lower fuel consumption, and a significant reduction in noise and vibration. This fusion of performance and efficiency reflects Heesen’s dedication to achieving excellence in every product they design in-house, underscoring their passionate pursuit of both power and sustainability.