JB Foreman

Yacht Consultant

Captain JB (John Bernard) Foreman has a Master Captain License with the USCG and over 30 years experience as a sailor. He holds numerous patents for his work as an Electrical Engineer and Inventor in Seattle and San Francisco. He has captained and delivered dozens of vessels up and down the west coast of the US as well as operated charter catamarans in Hawaii.

Captain JB was raised in Seattle, WA remodeling residential and commercial property with his father. By the age of 12 he could single-handedly replace carpet, paint, landscape and perform basic carpentry and concrete work… He went on to have a successful career as an inventor in Silicon Valley, with many patents in microprocessor design and utilization. Captain JB brings his technical expertise along with his extensive background as a professional sailor to every relationship and transaction.

Captain JB’s background as a tradesman, business owner, business operator, engineer, professional sailor and captain all work together to support the dreams of his clients in yacht ownership. While in San Francisco, Captain JB lives on his Beneteau Sailboat! JB lives to see others find (or design & build), operate (or charter), and most importantly enjoy their own perfect vessel.

Let Jb’s knowledge, experience, and client-based focus assist with your next yacht project. Imagine the possible!

Contact Information
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