Mangusta Yachts for Sale

Founded in 1985, Mangusta Yachts have made a name for themselves by building fast, sporty yachts. They are still a family-owned company dedicated to building outstanding high-performance yachts.

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Year Established



Italy (Viareggio, Massa, and Pisa)

Yacht Category

Luxury Sports Yachts

About Mangusta Yachts

Founded by the Balducci family in 1985, started out building fast, open yachts. During the 1990s, they began making the largest open yachts reaching 80 feet in length. As time went on they continued to improve upon their expertise building large, high-performance sports yachts.

This heritage is carried on in their Maxi Open line of yachts. If you’re looking for a high-performance Italian luxury yacht, Mangusta Yachts should be on your shortlist.

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