Mark Outlaw

Yacht Consultant

Mark has been an avid sailor and offshore fisherman since age 11. His first boating experience was driving an 18’ runabout with a 75hp Johnson on the Potomac River at age 8 while his brother or sister were skiing behind. He learned to sail as a Sea Scout in Coral Gables helming and crewing a Catalina 36. After a 34 year career with the federal government, he made the marine industry his newest venture. For the last four years, Mark has been a Yacht Broker dealing with Offshore fishing, Motor Yachts, Catamarans and Sloops. He has sailed from Long Island Sound to all along the US East Coast, Chesapeake Bay, around the Florida Keys and along the Gulf Coast as far as Corpus Christi, Texas. In addition, he has extensive experience sailing in the Bahamas, BVI’s, Puerto Rico and Hispaniola. His international travels and work with the US government have given him unique experience in financial operations and can help with strategies to mitigate the cost of ownership. But mostly, he just likes to sail and fish the Tropics in blue water. He loves helping people find their own version of living their dreams on the water.

Contact Information
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