Mike Schoettle

Partner – Yacht Consultant

Starting when I was a child, I learned to sail. Sailing took a focal point in my life from as early as I can remember. As I grew, I stayed involved with my sailing roots and continued to race and charter.

Professionally, I Graduated from PSU with a degree in Communications. But it was never really my passion. I always knew that I like more “hands on” type activities. So, in the early 90’s I decided to learn to fly aircraft. This truly was a rewarding field for me. I seemed to take to it like I was born for it. As my career progressed, I eventually found my permanent home as a Major Airline Captain. Where I still am today.

As with all things that a person does for decades, your Job does not always fulfill your appetite for new and exciting adventures. No matter how unusual your career may be. Because of my desire to continue to challenge myself I began to put together a group of Likeminded Pilots that also love the challenge of the ocean and more specifically racing large yachts. After several years I became the Capt. for an Interline (aircrew) race team.

Being involved with the yachting lifestyle introduced me to some wonderful people. And I have been fortunate to have made many close friends who share my passion for the sea.

Because of my desire to be on the ocean as often as possible, I decide to become a USCG licensed Captain. That has given me the opportunity for many yachting adventures.

Being involved with yachts and the people that love them has led me to advise many others on as to how they might make yachting a part of their lives. Again, I found something I love doing. Helping people realize their dreams, taking the challenges of the ocean, and then relaxing on their new boat. I have been truly fortunate to have found two great passions in my life.

This path led me years ago to meet James. He and I became friends immediately. He and I decided that we could change the way that people engaged with a company to help them move onto the boat of their dreams. To be more of a Yachting lifestyle advisor than a broker. To truly assist people in gaining a real knowledge of their yacht and the world they are moving into. We Believe that sales is only one aspect of new yacht.

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