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Marlow Yachts specializes in building oceangoing explorer yachts. Their crowning jewel is the Marlow 100 Voyager, a vessel capable of traversing oceans in style and comfort.

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Palmetto, Florida

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Luxury Yachts, Explorer Yachts

About Marlow Yachts

The Marlow Yacht story begins in 1998 when David Marlow partnered with naval architect Doug Zurn to create the Marlow Explorer 57C, 61C, and 65C. The pair chose a shipyard near Xiamen, China capable of using the RIVAT© (Resin Infused Vacuum Assisted Transfer) build process, a manufacturing method that removes ozone-harming chemicals before they can be emitted into the atmosphere. Marlow Yachts are built to both explore and protect the environment.

With the completion of their first yacht, the Marlow brand was launched in 2000. In 2012, the company purchased the assets of Luhrs Marine, further expanding its portfolio. In addition to explorer yachts, Marlow also builds custom tenders and the Marlow Prowler, which can reach speeds up to 50 knots. The company continues to improve its technical expertise, pushing itself forward as a leader in the explorer yacht category.

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